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make cyberspace a better place


We know that your child's safety is your number one priority, but you also want them to have all the opportunities for education, entertainment and connection that the internet and other technologies bring.

Together with our partner Optus, we've put together a cyber safety education program for schools to help educate kids about using this technology properly. The program, along with the tips and information on this site will help make cyberspace a better place for your child. You can download a copy of this program from the Teachers section below.

Online Safety

Young children are particularly vulnerable to being tricked into giving away their private information online. Here is some useful information to help you teach your child to stay safe online.

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As kids begin to use the internet more to stay connected to one another, the opportunity for cyberbullying increases. Find out how to tell if your child is being cyberbullied and how to approach talking to them about the issue.

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Sexting is an extremely serious issue facing young Australians. Whether it's through peer pressure or a momentary misguided act of love, the taking and sharing of naked or semi naked photos can have long lasting emotional, professional and legal consequences. Find out what you can do to help protect your child.

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You can help make cyberspace a better place for your students by downloading our education pack. The pack includes ready-made lesson plans, activities and videos to help educate your students about cyberbullying and the safe use of technology.

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